Basic Subjects of Radiation

  • Radiation and Radiation Types
  • Radiation Units
  • Radiation Protection Methods
  • Radiation Protection for Public
  • Radiation Protection for Radiation Workers

National and International Safety Criteria

  • Radiation Protection System
  • Radiation Protection Methods
  • Principles of Radiation Protection
  • International Radiation Safety Standards
  • Regulations

Radiation Sources

  • Natural and Artificial Radiation Sources
  • İmportance of Radiation in Our Life
  • Medical Radiation Applications
  • Industrial Radiation Applications

Radiation Safety for Workers

  • Radiation Safety Regulation
  • Controlled and Supervised Areas
  • Exposure Limits and Reducing Radiation
  • Radiation Safety Committee
  • Technical Obligations and Processes for Radiation Areas
  • General Requirements for Radiation Areas
  • Radiation Warning Signs and Labelling
  • Emergency Cases