Because of usage of radiation sources in industry, research field and health increasing momentum, radiation safety has become an indispensable concept.

Regulation of Radiation safety is a legal responsibility. Published by Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEA) “Radiation Safety Regulations” in accordance with all foundations working with radiation are obligated to give training and keep records of the radiation protection training at regular intervals (Radiation Safety Regulation, Chapter 5, Article 71).

Radiation Safety Training was prepared as an e-learning method taking into consideration of International Atomic Energy Agency  (IAEA) and Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEA ) bases to protect public and environment against ionizing radiation exposure and to contribute to the safe use of radiation devices effectively.

Radiation Safety Training was prepared by a multi-disciplinary method taking into consideration the principles of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), regulations of Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEA), experience of Bozlu Holding and modern concept of training Technologies.

Value of e-learning Training

  • Ensuring the safety of Radiation workers
  • Safe and effective use of radioactive materials and radiation devices
  • Prevention of loss of manpower because of whenever they want to reach those training programmes
  • Ease of access to programme from any location via the online system
  • Reducing of training costs
  • Keeping records of all training and reporting as a block