RadWatch ready-to-wear dosimeters are designed to offer superior performance to enhance accurate monitoring of radiological incidents and threats in the field. It is designed to be read out on the RadLight Reader; both are engineered to withstand combat and other extreme environmental conditions experienced by firefighters and emergency responders.

Tactical/Field Radiation Monitoring:

The RadWatch dosimeter is designed to operate under field conditions and is sophisticated enough to measure low-level radiation dangers. Worn on the wrist or chest, it measures whole-body dose due to photons and neutrons. The RadWatch dosimeter has both a primary and secondary detector. The secondary sensor serves as backup for the primary sensor should the primary sensor be rendered inoperable under combat conditions. A built-in RFID chip, which holds identification sensor calibration data, stores dose results from the most recent analysis.

The RadWatch features OSL technology, trusted to monitor workers with exposure to ionizing radiation. All analytical data is stored in the RadLight Reader for later download to a computer via a USB connection facilitating additional analysis and reporting. Dosimeters to be read are simply inserted into the reader’s drawer assembly, which automatically positions their built-in sensors for analysis by the photo-optical engine. The RadWatch and RadLight solution provides a legal dose of record useful for dose reconstruction, risk mitigation and legal defense.