Epsilon Landauer Dosimetry Technologies, in parallel to the development in radiation technologies, according to the increasing usage of radiation in medical and industrial sectors, the common enterprise of Bozlu Holding and Landauer, established in December 2010, provides services for the measurement of professional and environmental radiation.


The world leader in the dosimeter sector, Landauer, with over 55 years of experience, has developed the superior OSL technology. 81% of the medical institutions in the USA use OSL dosimeters. Landauer Inc., has established personal dosimeter laboratories with common enterprises in many countries and is a world leader, having completed over 45 million personal dosage measurements. In our country, the total avarage measurements of dosage by TAEK are 250.000 per year. The trusted technology, which has been used by millions of people all over the world is provided by Epsilon Landauer in Turkey.

Epsilon Landauer laboratories, which is the personal dosimeter service for the first time in Turkey, according to the radiation type and radiation energy interval, uses optic luminescence (OSL) application dosimeters for dosage measurements.