MicrostarMicroStar reader is a compact, lightweight, portable reader that can be taken anywhere immediate results are required. It uses aluminum oxide (Al2O3) detectors to measure radiation exposure and reads the measurement with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology.The microStar quickly and efficiently reads InLight nanoDot, whole body or environmental dosimeters. Its software stores multiple calibrations, allowing the microStar to establish a variety of radiation environments for accurate analysis; and providing flexibility to incorporate correction factors based on the clinical environment.The microStar reader simplifies radiation dose measurement with a simple three-step process: you need only place the dosimeter in its drawer and close the drawer; turn the knob; and read the dose from the display. The uncomplicated design and durable equipment help reduce costs in maintenance, training and power consumption.The transparent, non-linear calculations are designed to account for non-linear response of Al2 O3 at “high” doses (>300cGy) and allow the user to “see” how the dose is computed from the measurement. There are a variety of measurement units available (mrem, mrad and cGy), and the reports are customizable to download in XLS, PDF, XML or CSV formats.